Meet Virginia,

Artist, teacher, and founder of the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity.

       "I have been an artist my whole life. I wouldn’t have told you that ten years ago. I thought artists were way more fabulous than I, with perfect images flowing from them the moment they picked up a brush. I thought they were wild and colorful, tortured and, of course, starving. Misguided lessons I had learned during my brief time on the planet to that point. I thought artists were magic. I, on the other hand, had to practice and practice to hone my craft.  For every finished piece there were twenty messes. Crooked eyes, misplaced ears, and nothing ever good enough to share. I was definitely not magic, or so I thought.

       Now that I’ve lived a while I have learned that magic, like art or anything heartful in your life, takes research and practice and faith. It takes life and death, flying and falling. You certainly need a sense of humor in your medicine basket and a way to celebrate every mistake as a step forward. I know this, but sometimes I forget. 

       When I look back on my life and forward into the future, I have done so many magical things. I have loved and been loved by hundreds of critters of all shapes and sizes! I’ve grown green things, cooked and fed the hungry, hugged the sad, and laughed with the joyful. I have floated in the sweet waters of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan as though they were the womb from which I sprang.

       I have given my heart to many and, if broken, filled its cracks with golden memories. I have carried it inside me when it had swelled to ten times the size of my body. I grew and welcomed four precious, unique souls into their lives, nurturing them and growing up alongside them. And they, in turn, gift the world with their kindness and the joy their children bring. I held my cherished father’s hand as he left the world and returned to his beloved God. I have grieved and mourned those I have lost and lifted my life back up to live in honor of them.

       My superpower is forgiveness. Because of these things, when I put brush to paper, perfect images flow through my hand to grace the world with intentional beauty.

       I am an artist. I am magic. So are you. Come with me and let’s discover the mythical, creative path together. I’ll light your lamp and you light mine. We are journeywomen seeking truth, beauty, love and peace as we dance through this incredible life we’ve been given."