The Process
Understanding Intentional Creativity

Intentional Creativity, developed by Shiloh Sophia and her mentor, Sue Hoya Sellers, is a guided, step by step method of mindful creativity where the individual and their story can be transformed from the inside out – not from an outside source or external medicine/healer. This transformation happens by the choice of the one telling the story in the first place. The one who is at cause for changing it in a way that works for the creation of their lives.

"Through choosing to create with intention, we become empowered to be the author of our future.”

For those of us who teach in the movement, the work is about healing. We use the Color of Woman methods to engage women with their own stories. We create Red Thread circles to hold space, use the methods of visualization and active imagination, paint and write with image, symbol, word and poetry to engage both the cognitive and intuitive sides of our brains.

The intention is to shift women into a deeper connection with themselves – a place where they hear messages and receive gifts; a place where they visit the Muse and make new connections to their heart’s desire. The resulting paintings arise from deep inside each woman’s story and are often not at all what the woman expected to paint – but exactly what she needed.

We do this work to help women and children heal, but it goes beyond that. Every woman and child who leaves a workshop, leaves with the tools they needs to bring themselves healing. Once the connections between right and left brain, heart, and intention are made what comes through changes the person doing the work.

This is key.

Designed to relax the nervous system and increase the ability to focus, Intentional Creativity helps participants feel reinvigorated and more peaceful, and able to get back in touch with their love and passion for life.

Arts ability to awaken the internal muse or inner voice and quiet the inner critic was revolutionary to me. We want to bring that gift to build community and share the beauty and miracles we see in the world.

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