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Customized Intentional Creativity Workshops, Free Consultation 

Have a workshop or idea that you would like to bring to your clients using intentional creativity? Are you looking to take a group into a creative deep, dive experience at a retreat based on your event focus? Contact us to discuss a customized Intentional Creativity workshop that will fit your venue, time-frame and event focus.

Red Thread Circles 

Bring the celebration of connection to life’s most meaningful events with a customized Red Thread Circle. From the anticipation of a coming birth to the celebration of a life well-lived and all that occurs in between, we will create a sacred container to honor and hold the event and weave together all those beloveds connected to it.

Discover Your Secret Garden - (1 day) 

Creativity is in all of us. It has nothing to do with skill or artistry and everything to do with bringing your inner life to light. Take a whimsical journey with The Peace Muse and create an image that reflects your own, precious truth.

What Shape is Your Shell? - (1 day, can be expanded to 2)

Discover, honor and paint Your Sacred Soul-ace Space. Many empaths, sensitives and gentle souls pull into their sacred shell to find a safe space to work through creative ideas, a hurt or heartache or simply find peace to re-gather their resources. In this class we will discover the mystical shape of that soul space, honor and celebrate it with ritual and bring the image to life on canvas.

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Going to Ground - (1 or 2 day deep-dive) 

Honor your cycle of rest & restoration. As the seasons change, many of us feel a deep stirring to make a change as well. For some it’s a time to prepare our hearts and homes for the deeper, darker winter months. A longing for quiet, stillness and reflection creeps in and we looks for a way to create it. Discover your season of hibernation and what you need to do it well.

Myth to Magnificence Believe your Soul's Truth - (2 day deep-dive) 

Each of us came to this place with a soul truth and many (most) of us have lost track of it on the journey due to the power of the over culture, the stories that we have written on our hearts in childhood and the simple living of life with many, many influences. In this class we will travel on a journey of guided meditation, journaling and painting with our Muse to open up the inner conversations that have been so stifled by our inner critic. We will begin to re-learn how to connect and converse with the guidance of our deepest truth.

Kintsukuroi: To Mend with Gold - (1 day) 

When a potter makes a bowl, he makes it by hand with malleable clay. The bowl is formed with the potter's loving intention and hardened in the fire. Once complete, it is presented as a true work of art. But what if the bowl broke? A practitioner of Kintsukuroi, a Japanese art form, would not only repair it, but also elevate it to a whole new level of appreciation. Discover the beauty in your gold filled cracks.

Tree Spirit: If you were a tree, what tree would you be? - (1 day)

Explore the symbolism of trees and the deep connection we have with these magnificent beings. Express your spirit in tree form by illustrating your roots (are they shallow or deep?) branches (wide spread or reaching?) seeds (near or far flung) leaves (heart shaped, needles, succulent?), scars (we all have them) and fruit (to share with the world).

You Are a Miracle! - (2 day deep-dive)

We are the Fingerprints of God. You are made up of the stuff of stars. You breathe the air that every great teacher breathed. You sip from, cook and swim in the same droplets of water that nourished their bodies. You too, are a miracle, a gift, a world-changing event! Explore your divinity in this joyful, celebratory workshop.

Gifts from Our Mother - (1 day)

Celebrate the beauty of the planet we live on and connect with the messengers and allies blessed Gaia sends to you every day. Dive deep and paint your way to recognizing the messengers and allies sent to you to help you find and hear your intuition.

Your Be-Loved Body: Uncoiling Diva X - (2 day deep-dive)

Your Be-loved Body – Uncoiling Diva X - (2 day deep dive)
Consort and Miracle worker. For women, in particular, there is an assumed pattern for aging. Maiden, Mother and Crone. In this workshop we will explore the alternatives to the assumption. How about Medicine Woman or Queen or even Diva? There are a lot of other choices out there. Let’s call them out and invite them to the party!

House of the Heart - (4 hours)

Transform old, childhood stories that are no longer serving you on this whimsical journey with word and color. In this workshop you will use your creative genius (and yes, you have it) to create a joy-filled image to remind you of your House of the Heart

Medicine Basket - (4 hours)

What is in your medicine basket? What gifts do you offer to your family, your work or out in the world? How have you been sharing them (or have you?). In this workshop we will excavate your greatest gifts, shine them up and honor them and look for more places that you can share them.

Creative Business Planning - Accordion Style (4 hours)

In this workshop you will create a gorgeous, eight page, business plan informed by your right and left brain (working together) and deeply connected to your heart. Design a life that you love!

Creative Business Planning - Put it on Canvas (2 days)

Do a deep dive into what is really driving you to bring your work into the world, who you want to serve (your beloveds) and how you want to do your work. Join this energetic workshop to have your heart engage with your right and left brain to create the vision of your gorgeous, life balanced business plan on canvas.

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