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Honoring our Mothers and the Full Flower Moon

Did you know that Mother’s Day began as a women’s movement to promote peace and reunite Union and Confederate families following the civil war?

And yet, here we are, divided again, with so many Mothers longing for a more united, kind, and peaceful world.

We bring chocolates and flowers and shower them with hugs and kisses to show our love on Mother’s Day. But what if honoring our Mothers meant honoring their longing for peace, for a clean, safe, beautiful world for their children and grandchildren?

What could you do, every day, to build a kinder, more peaceful world? It’s as simple as smiling at a stranger, rethinking the value of that snippy response before posting it, and, of course, sending loads of love to the Moms in your life.

Mothers create and nurture life, so let’s honor Mother’s Day this week as we anticipate May’s Full Flower Moon arriving on Thursday, May 7th. The Full Flower moon signifies new life, hope, and anticipation and celebrates all the wildflowers that are finally bursting into view. Join me each day this week as we explore a different flower each day to learn it’s meanings (sometimes there are many), how to create its likeness with a simple drawing and how you can include it in the celebration of the special Mothers in your life.

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